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Hi there! My name is Amanda Onorato and I thank you for taking the time to stop by. I'm really not good at talking/writing about myself, so I will keep this short lol! I am a Jersey girl, but not the kind you see on TV. I am from the small beach town of Cape May.  It's as far south as you can go in NJ before you fall off of the state. I am a wife to Frank and a mom to two kids - Alexa (15) and Frankie (7). My first memory of photography was when I was about three years old. I hid in the coat closet of my house pretending my dad's lens brush was a make-up brush and used it to apply blush. Needless to say I don't do that anymore! My father introduced me to Canon. He took pictures ALL the time … mostly black and white. He taught me the importance of capturing the moment and not forcing it. In college I studied black and white film photography (yes there was photography before computers) … maybe this is why I still lean towards a black and white image. My favorite part about my job is seeing life through the lens. It is my passion. I am here to help capture the moments in your life that you never want to let fade away. I look forward to hearing from you <3